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Eddie Nelson [09 Nov 2015|09:10pm]
[Character contact and information for [info]repose]

Character: Eddie Nelson
Town Opening: Carnival Owner
Residence: abandoned house
Employment: Carnival

Player name: Kelly
Timezone: Pacific
Public contact information: leave me a comment!

Comment on this post for contact information/plot discussions!
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The Carnival [08 Nov 2015|11:17pm]
No one can say for sure how long this Carnival has been traveling the country or why it stopped in Repose indefinitely. All that can be said for certain is that it's a place to leave the real world behind. Beautiful dancers, oddities and unexplained feats can be found here for a little cash and a need to get lost. The entire show takes place inside of a tent that can either feel large or intimate depending on the performers. There is plenty of unexplained here, but if you ask the owner, it's all illusion. Tricks, mirrors, riddles. The human mind wants to see things that aren't really there and the Carnival is happy to provide the perfect place for dreams to wander.

The 10-in-1 tends to be meant for anyone looking for an escape, but sometimes there's a ding only the brave or mature can view for a couple extra dollars. This show ranges from sensual to terrifying and is meant to give one last satisfying thrill.

Outside are carts of food and drink. The scents of sweet and salty treats fill the air and reflect whatever mood or season the Carnival might be celebrating. Sometimes there's games, a souvenir shop and a fortune teller's tent that's open for patrons. There's an undeniably mystical feeling about the Carnival when it lights up the forest. An intoxicating sensation of being transported to a world where the usual hurt and stress of everyday life simply does not exist.

During the day, the Carnival is ordinary. Most are not permitted to enter the grounds without an invite by one of the performers for this very reason. Acts are practiced, business done, laundry is hung out to dry on clotheslines. It's a wonder how anything so everyday could become something more after the sun goes down. But, ah, if you think magic is real, you're just another mark in the crowd.
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[07 Nov 2015|05:02am]
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